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1. How many units are available at the Co-op?

    A: We have a total of 34 units; 10 townhouses and 24 apartments.

2. Can I submit an application to the Co-op for a subsidized unit?

    A: Applicants much first apply with the City of Stratford to determine eligibility based on each      individual's circumstances. There is currently a waitlist for subsidized housing. Applicants              must be on the waitlist to be considered for a subsidized unit.

3. Is there a waitlist for Market Units?

    A: Yes, we currently have a waitlist for our market units.

4. Are you able to advise of the average wait for a unit?

    A: Unfortunately, no. This depends on the turnover rate for units and the priority order of the        City of Stratford's waitlist and our internal waitlist.

5. What are your current market rents?

    A: Please reach out to the property manager for information on our current market rents. 

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